What a great weekend

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Well I survived 2 markets and had 2 great days, this past weekend.

Sold just a couple of items at Bank Street on saturday and both baskets have gone to good homes.

Now it would be lovely to sell out of all stock at one of these markets, as I am told it possible to do, however the joy of 2 people purchasing and numerous people take business cards and offering positive feedback was enough to make me happy.

Bank Street was quiet and it was only my second time there, however this week I felt very comfortable and had great neighbours. Bella who runs the show is so lovely and very caring of her stall holders, which makes for a great environment.

Then sunday I set it all up again in North Melbourne. Great market, loads of people, beautiful Melbourne day. Someone suggested too beautiful so why would you go outside only go inside again to a market, but I was happy anyway.

Loads of people asking about the bags but maybe the price is putting people off. As I still have not completely settled on a price for my big bags I decided to take it to the people and ask for some opinions. The first lady I talked to agreed that what I was asking may be too expensive but would still like to purchase one for a lower price. SOLD!!! Not unhappy with what she offered and have sold my first bag to someone who is not related to me.




Should be a photographer in my spare time!

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The Age and Me…

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For those of you not from Australia or even Melbourne, there is a paper here called The Age. Todays Life & Style Magazine mentioned me…


Pretty sure this means I am now famous. Really does anyone actually care about Justin Bieber’s lawsuit, Sly Stallone’s son, some conservatives and the Republican party dispute and various footballing stories.

NO they care about real people and real stories and ME, Crochet Made By Kate!



Just trying out the new photos…

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I really need to be a photographer to do my creations any justice, but here we go…

The latest and maybe the greatest…

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So people I have been working hard on not purchasing anymore cotton, as per instructions from my husband.

And trust me I have been good.

The ripped up scraps of fabric is coming along a treat…


Blogger Awards

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Can  you believe that I have been now mentioned twice for this award by 2 lovely people who like my work and just happen to have fabulous taste. Thanks girls.





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The anticipation of a every new market is a lovely feeling. Setting up, meeting the new neighbours, etc.

BUT after 5 hours of sitting in a very drafty hall on a wet saturday, not really talking to any of my neighbours bar one, I was a little bit over it.

I don’t get the not talking thing either, the first couple of markets I did everyone was full of helpful advice, now not so much.

I mean we were all in it together, no one was selling anything alike (so no competition) and it was quiet. In my eyes I should have learnt everything about those people in 5 hours, but no…

Marilyn is the only person I spoke to and don’t get me wrong she was lovely. She has an identical twin (she came to visit), lived locally, feels the cold (wrapped in 5 or 6 layers), is very organised (brings her own lunch), needs coffee (again brings her own from home), is very creative and computer literate (makes her own vintage print cards on the computer). And I must say quite a rebel. Pack up time was strictly 3.30pm, but from 3pm onwards she was a woman on a mission. Marilyn was going to be the first to leave, with one eye on the clock and the other on the organisers, she subtly packed up. I would not have liked to cross Marilyn and her sister during their younger years, they would have been a team to be reckoned with.


The Handmade Show

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Crochet Made By Kate will be there on saturday May 19.

Have not done a market in what feels like forever, so will be interested to see if I can hand out any of my new… business cards!

Oh and if someone would like to purchase something from me that would be good too.


Running out of cotton and another market

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Well it is official, I have managed to use up some of my huge cones of cotton. Yes remember that box that lived for some time under the stairs?

I had promised my husband I would not purchase more cotton until people started to purchase something from me…

But I am really struggling not to just go on-line and spend, spend, spend.

Currently I have had to amuse myself by ripping up unused doona covers and  left overs from my patchwork phase and crocheting with that.

The results are not to bad, however, it is just not the same as yards of beautiful coloured cotton.

On a lighter note  Emily and I got chosen from the ballot to attend the Little Village Market in Elwood.

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